White Spiral Thumbnail Black Spiral Under View Thumbnail Black Spiral Thumbnail
Looking through White Spiral to Black Spiral Thumnail White Spiral Under View Thumbnail Black Spiral top view from stairs

paper & rabbitskin glue, approx. 144" x 120" x 96"

from Espacios Creados - Created Spaces

solo exhibition

Shane House Gallery, Tucson, Arizona

These site-specific, floating sculptural forms transformed the space in which they were installed in very different ways. They developed as a means of interperting in three-dimensions the skyscape painting. 

The first spiral was constructed all in white and dominated the space while creating the illusion of light and air. As I worked on the white sculpture, I reflected on the idea of color and how it effects perception of form.  This led to the production of its antithesis piece, repeating the spiral shape in black. The black spiral has an altogether different impact that references storm clouds. Although it is suspended in the space, it imparts a feeling of weight, and appears like metal cutting through the air. 

This exhibit was funded in part by the Tucson Pima Arts Council

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