Fragments of Memory

Ours & Days North & East wallts Ours & Days, South and West walls


Fragment of Memory II -  thumbnail Fragment of Memory III - thumbnail

cast resin, approx 18" x 24 "

from Ours & Days

solo exhibition

Rancho Linda Vista, Oracle Arizona

With the works created for “Ours & Days” I sought to expose the magic of Our internal worlds as I reflected on the passing Days. I re-imagined memories and experiences within the context of tales, myths, and bits of nostalgia recontextualizing micro-experiences within the archtypes of macro-experiences. I drew inspiration from symbols in fairy tales and literature, photographs in fashion magazines, and my imagination.

The "Fragments of Memory" series utilized a cherished icon of idealized childhood to examine memory and perception of the past. The horses were progressively fragmented until in Fragment of Memory III, part of the horse lay shattered on the floor.

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