On Laughter and Forgetting

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Raices Taller 222,  Tucson, AZ

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Toy Boxes & Hearts

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The works from "On Laughter & Forgetting" explored the beauty, confusion and pain inherent in the discovery of love and lust, sensuality and sexuality. These child and toy images reflect on loss of innocence and the discovery of romance. This world of pink walls and checkerboard floors became a playing field for matters of the heart and soul.

The "Toy Boxes & Hearts" series references children's alphabet blocks with the letters relating to sounds and words often heard in a sexual relationship. They ellude the game of romance, body parts, and of course the heart. They are each velvet lined and contain an soft sculpture heart. The hearts are tactile jewels with crevices and pockets for fingers to explore.

Review of "On Laughter & Forgetting", Arizona Daily Star

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