Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi

About the Art

I envision a place of beauty and magic where myths and dreams intercept with our everyday life; a place in which borders and identities are transcended, and respect and understanding of our shared humanity begins.  I seek to reveal an integrated perspective in which our rational, mental perception of our physical reality intersects with our interior, emotional landscapes and the supernatural of the spirit world.   I draw inspiration from themes and symbols found in indigenous myths (particularly Aztec), from fairy & folk tales, from literature and photographs in fashion magazines, from fleeting moments, memories, dreams and from my imaginationI seek to expose an aesthetic in which the merging of the three selves: mental, emotional, and spiritual alchemize into visual gold.

My experience, as a woman artist born in Mexico and raised in the Southern Borderlands of Arizona and Sonora Mexico, as well as the Northern Borderlands of Arizona and the Navajo and Hopi Nations, informs my work. I am deeply influenced by the Latin American literary tradition of magical realism (Marques, Allende, Neruda, et. al), Pre-Columbian imagery and stories, and as well as the lines and use of negative space found in Japanese Sumi (ink) drawing (e.g. Hokusai), and the American Color Field Painters.  My pieces tend toward the luscious, with imagery that hovers on the edges of our waking reality.

About the Artist

Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and raised in Arizona. She graduated Cum Laude in Studio Art from the University of Arizona and completed an internship with Sheila Divine in Guanajuato, Mexico cementing her commitment to life as an artist. Gil-Higuchi is a recognized talent in Latino art circles, and is part of a new generation of Chicana/o artists in the Southwest that are shifting and expanding the traditional themes found in Chicana/o art. “For Gil the dialogue becomes immersed in issues of ‘lust, sensuality, and sexuality,’ thus providing an important direction in her work and Chicana/o art in general.”  Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, Keller, Gary (ed) .

She has participated in over 30 exhibitions including at the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City. Publications include the Chicana/o Contemporary Art Anthology (Bilingual Press, 2003, V I: 270-271, 272-273, 307, as well as mentioned as an “emerging new talent” in the inside flap), the complimentary DVD-ROM “Triumph of Our Communities: Artists and Arts Organizations” (2007), and the Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture (Greenwood Press, 2004, p. 462) as an “…example of 21st Century Latina Art.”

Her work is included in such of such eminent art collections as the Gilberto Cardenas Collection, the Associated Research Collection at Arizona State University and Self-Help Graphics in Los Angeles, California. In 2010 she was awarded a Contemporary Forum Award from the Phoenix Museum of Art. She currently lives and works in New York City.

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